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on Tue Oct 23, 2018 8:29 pm
As part of the colonization effort of Rapog's Beach, all colonists are to complete immigration papers. These will be cross referenced by the information provided to Gate Authorities by your employer.

Please complete accuracy. Your future Gate use may be jeopardized by inaccurate information.

For ego subtype, please complete either bioorganic or the owner of your ego software design. If a current model of uplift, please include animal mind of origin.

Current Citizenship:
Ego subtype:
Back up Server Registration:

Please complete a form of personal possessions. Please indicate if the possessions are owned by oneself, other, or company property. Please include all items as possessions are searched to guarantee the safety of all colonists. Illicit goods will be confiscated.
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Immigration Empty Re: Immigration

on Wed Oct 31, 2018 9:33 am
Name: Micholas Faustwagen a.k.a "The Stranger"
Employer: The Guild of Commercial Influence
Citizenship: Planetary Consortium
Ego Subtype: Bio-organic
Backup server registration: GCI headquarters, Grayscale, RB.
Possessions: pending...

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Immigration Empty Re: Immigration

on Wed Nov 07, 2018 2:59 pm
EMPLOYER: G36, Transtellar
BACKUP SERVER LOCATIONS: Port Authority, G36 "Headquarters"
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Immigration Empty Re: Immigration

on Thu Nov 15, 2018 3:57 pm
name: ten bamatte
employer: tetsuo
citizenship: mars
ego subtype: synth
backup server registration: tetsuo headquarters, grayscale
possessions: tbd
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Immigration Empty Re: Immigration

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