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on Thu Nov 01, 2018 8:47 pm
When posting initial story starter pages, you will see an initial post indicator.  It'll tell you how the post works in the game.

Story:posts that will be active in nature, with timed tests made by characters
Assets: Posts that will be about objects, people, etc.
Immediate: these posts will only be posted if Some part of the campaign requires some quick resolution.
Other: anything else

Story posts will typically have exposition with skill tests labelled in bold along with a timer to them.  This timer means a player character must attempt to pass the test or it will automatically fail due to negligence.  The timer will almost always be in days.  Each player has an opportunity to roll for the test but  only the first success or first critical failure is relevant. This is to prevent layered successes.  Some tests, such as a Perceive is an exception to the rule.  
When posting in response to a story post, please be sure to include if you wish to assist a skill instead of rolling.  If you do so, you add a +10 to another players skill.  This may bump a failure to a success or a critical failure to a critical success.

These posts will have some exposition, but will mostly be lists of assets based on relevance.  For example, a story post may talk about an abandoned airship.  This airship would become an asset to gain.  The story post would forward to the asset page, allowing players to roll in the story in response to the post, or later on in the asset post.  Assets DO NOT GO AWAY. The world does not influence them. They are forever available for characters to go back to them and gain them.
Some assets will be easier to obtain than others.  Some requirements may be obvious while others may require more information from skill checks.  The airship will be an example Asset post.  These items are always a benefit in someway, never a negative.  Though they may not help in some situations.
Assets will contain Known Issue and may contain Unknown Issues.  Known Issues may require specific skill checks. If they do not, then any skill the player may reason through exposition is valid. GM's discretion. Unknown Issues will always require a specific skill check.

When Players attempt to deal with unknown or known issues, They are restricted to a maximum of 2 checks. Once all players make a single post on an ASSET, may a player choose an additional 2 to check.

Immediate posts are typically used at the end of a story arc. Something dire may have happened and requires immediate action.  It also may be a post mandating a change.  I leave it open for options

I can't think of everything now can I?  These will be posts that do not fit in the other categories.
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on Sun Nov 18, 2018 8:14 pm
EDIT: Updated ASSET with an additional paragraph restricting player skill checks.
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