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Transgean Motorworks Empty Transgean Motorworks

on Wed Oct 03, 2018 9:01 pm
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Transgean Motorworks Empty Re: Transgean Motorworks

on Sun Dec 09, 2018 1:41 pm
Transgean Motorworks began its existence as Keppler, Keppler, and Eng. K.K.E. was a Venusian airship, ultralight, and aerostat supplies manufacturer Pre-Fall. After the death of all three founding members and the board while on Earth, a corporate takeover occurred at the main branch office on Mars. At the same time, the underpaid workers on Yiren Aerostat, then a manufacturing hub, took over the fabrication branch of K.K.E. and declared an independent firm. Several failed attempts to bring down this firm, newly named Transage Mechanical, by the Mars branch. One such attempt included a successful assassination of the newly elected Worker's Council, the governing body of Transage. Regardless, the numerous failures depleted K.K.E.s financial reserves and the company declared bankruptcy.

After the successes in years Post Fall 3-4, Transage Mechanical took over other fabrication businesses and re branded as Transgean Motorworks. This iteration of the company included local Worker's Councils that reported to the Worker's Council Central, the heads of the company.

Known for efficient engines and power plants for all vehicles, T.M. is Rapog's Beach's primary provider of high end airships and ultralights. Recently T.M. has released a power plant that has a nearly perfect efficiency rating.
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