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The Play By Post Method Empty The Play By Post Method

on Thu Nov 01, 2018 8:26 pm
Yowzers! What a stark contrast to our old methods. So, I have been thinking of how we are going to go about doing this and I have come up with these thoughts.
In terms of skills, people are on the honor system. If you roll, you roll at home and post your result, including the statement pass or fail.
For example: Birddog Menenat, Corporate Troubleshooter, attempts to make a Guns skill check. His total value is 45, not bad. He rolls a 55. His player will type Roll: 55/45 fail.. This also gives us insight as to the THRESHOLD of failure.

However, we require more meat to our posts. Something alluring. So you want to include some fluff to your post. Birddog's player would include a paragraph or two of how Birddog functions under the roll.

So the full, desired post for a player would be in this method

[b]Roll: 55/45. Failure/b]
Birddog narrows his eyes and squeezes the trigger.
Under most circumstances he would hit.
he is certain.
It is his job to make his shots count.
But today, in unlikely form. The shot missed.

You can add any flavor you desire to your post. how much or how little is up to you. With a caveat. Please keep it to a max of less than 20 sentences or so. Please.
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